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  • PG 1000 Cutting Tool Inspection System

    PG1000 models

    The PG 1000 REACTION series with both scale and edge detection inspections in REAL TIME is now available with a 4K camera

    From its granite base to its state-of-the-art software, the Euro-Tech PG 1000 Cutting Tool Inspection System blows away the competition. Our latest gage, the PG 1000 400S-4K, now offers 4 times the resolution of our best selling PG 1000 400-Advanced REACTION gage.

    Higher accuracy inspections with true 4K inspection capability; magnification to 400x and X-micron linear scales makes the new 400S-4K Gage ideal for micro tools. More pixels per inch results in better image quality and higher accuracy inspections with this REACTION series gage. Officially known as UHD (Ultra-High Definition), 4K encompasses visual resolution technology offering at least 4 times more pixels than conventional 1080 pixel HD resolution.

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  • Ball Nose Radius Inspections
    made easy! view the video

    The PG 1000 now does ball nose calculations as fast as you see it with tolerances to within 10ยต.