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    The PG 1000 is manufactured by Euro-Tech Corporation at our main office in Menomonee Falls, WI. It was originally designed in 1994, a year after the establishment of Euro-Tech Corporation. For the past 20 years we have continually updated and improved mechanical components and software to meet and exceed today's inspection demands. Our new REACTION software makes both scale and edge detection inspections IN REAL TIME.

    Make, save and recall inspection scenes for new tool inspections of a tool image using scales, screen, edge detection, comparisons or .dxf file overlays in multiple colors; annotate the screen to make your own tool inspection document. All systems are sold ready to use with standard V-block assemblies, optional accessories available. All machined PG 1000’s components are made in the United States to Euro-Tech specification. All software is written by Euro-Tech Corporation with free upgrade downloads as hardware permits.

    Other products distributed by Euro-Tech include Hydraulic Arbors and Chucks by MyTec in Kreuzertheim, Germany; Splined Arbors and Gages by Frenco in Altdorf, Germany; Transducers and Gaging products by Horst Knäbel in Meerbusch, Germany; Hydraulic Compensating Vice Jaws, Clamping Sleeves & Custom Fixturing by Kostyrka in Stuttgart, Germany and Car Body Measurement Systems, Display Columns & Automated Gage Calibration Systems by Mesas in Marpingen, Germany.

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    Terms of Sale
    Please read our terms and conditions of sale prior to purchasing from Euro-Tech Corporation.

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